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The purpose of this blog

This blog is about my PMU mare, Rhona, and my experiences teaching her to be a “normal” horse. I intend to be perfectly honest about the ups and downs of this undertaking, and it’s my hope that doing so will help new and potential PMU adopters prepare for this challenging but  oh-so-rewarding adventure.


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What is a PMU mare?

PMU stands for Pregnant Mare’s Urine, which is used to make the hormone replacement drug Premarin. A PMU mare is a female horse that was/is used to produce urine for the purpose of manufacturing Premarin. Now that Premarin has been shown to have negative effects, most PMU farms have closed, leaving thousands of mares, stallions and foals in danger of slaughter if they aren’t purchased quickly. Numerous rescue organizations across the U.S. are trying desperately to save these horses and find them loving homes. To find out more, visit or simply do a Google search for PMU.    

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