We’re still here! Just a little wet…

I just wanted to let everyone know that Rhona and I are still here. Unfortunately, I have nothing to add to her training log because it’s literally been raining for months here in north Texas. 😦 If it ever dries out, we’ll be starting up again.

In the mean time, in honor of Rhona’s “birthday” (i.e., the anniversary of her adoption), I’m working on a project that will allow the public to help PMU horses through the purchase of art, t-shirts, jewelry and more.  Please stay tuned; I’ll be posting more about that soon.



  1. Candy said

    I have been absent from the ‘horse world’ for a long time. (raising 5 kids & working) Finally we are able to afford horses. One of our horses is a PMU mare about 4 yrs. old. Never ridden & we even have a difficult time getting a halter on her. I’m sure she thinks we’ll tie her up for 6 months. We have only had her for a month (I think she arrived on the 7th of July!) & we just moved into this place so time to work with her has been rare. But she is learning that we are not mean, we feed & she has lots of space to roam. Anyway I have been searching for some info & encouragement re: training these poor Mamas as we may take another… just feel we need to go very slowly with her.
    Hope Rhonda is doing well 🙂

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