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Picking up Rhona’s feet: an update

I wish I could say that picking up Rhona’s feet is no problem now, but unfortunately I haven’t made great progress in that area. I stopped using the rope trick I referred to before┬ábecause she started kicking her feet instead of lifting them. Lately I’ve been using another rope trick– for several minutes a day, I lightly slap her feet and legs with a soft rope. Once she stops reacting to that, I run my hands up and down her legs a couple of times. She still won’t voluntarily pick up her feet, but she’ll at least let me touch them now. It’s a start… ­čÖé


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Further progress with standing still

We’ve had a few more sessions on standing still, and I think she’s finally getting the idea. So on Friday I introduced Rhona to something new: a chair. I brought a metal folding chair into the round pen and stood in it while she lunged around me. She was a little startled by it at first, and I could tell that having to look UP at me instead of down freaked her out a little bit. It took about 15 minutes for me to get her to approach the chair, but once she did, she settled down a lot. After that I led her back and forth in front of the chair, occasionally having her stop and stand still beside it while I walked between her head and the chair.

On Sunday we did the same thing for about 15 more minutes, and by the end of that she was standing still beside the chair while I stood it in and rubbed her back. Twice she even let me lean on her back for a couple of minutes at a time. I’ll keep doing this for the next week or so until she’s completely comfortable with it.

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