Introduction to Ground Driving (aka Long Lining)

A friend and I started teaching Rhona to ground drive on Saturday. First I put the bareback pad on Rhona, then I put a simple rawhide bosal hackamore on her head. I attached two lunge lines to the bosal and passed them through rings on the bareback pad. (Note: One usually uses a surcingle, but I can’t find one big enough to fit around Rhona.) My friend led her while I walked about 6 feet behind, holding the lunge lines as reins. We worked on stops and simple turns for about half an hour, and she seemed to get the idea.

You may think that half a hour isn’t much time, but a little seems to go along way with this horse. I’ve noticed that if I work her too long on the same thing, she gets frustrated, much like a smart child does when he’s drilled on the same material over and over…


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