The story so far, part 1: Letting the horse pick me

I adopted Rhona in June 2006 after stumbling across the Hope for Horses ( website. I’d heard about the plight of PMU horses before, but seeing pictures of actual PMU mares just broke my heart. I decided then and there that I had to save at least one of these beautiful animals.

Luckily, Hope for Horses is only a two-hour drive, so I made an appointment to go meet the mares. I thought I knew which one I wanted based on the pictures– a huge, beautiful, black and white Percheron named Summer– but a wise friend advised me to “let the horse pick me.” 

 So I tried to approach the band of mares with an open mind, although it was difficult, since Summer was even more beautiful up close than she’d been in the photo. But she wanted nothing to do with me despite my multiple attempts to befriend her. 

In the mean time, I was approached by a smaller bay mare with a 4 branded on her rump. She was sweet, but she didn’t really stand out, and after petting her for a moment, I went on approaching bigger, flashier mares.

But the bay mare wouldn’t be ignored. As I followed Summer across the pasture, the bay followed me. As I knelt down and whispered to Summer, the bay gently nudged me on the back as if to say, “Hey, you’re talking to the wrong horse!”

“Let the horse pick you.” 

I finally gave in and accepted that I’d been picked. The bay was mine. I paid her adoption fee, kissed her on the nose and arranged to pick her up the following Saturday.


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